With the sologan: “Spanning throughout the Provinces of Vietnam”, the vision and purpose is to bring quality service to each province, create jobs for many people, improve expertise and quality to each specialist. to make the customer’s choice the best.

About the President and General Director:

Founder: Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director.

With 10 years of experience in the field of real estate, was once a founding shareholder of a system of 1000 people, building and supporting the development of a real estate brokerage system throughout Ho Chi Minh City.

Trained more than 100 managers and leaders in the real estate brokerage industry.

Recruited and trained 1000 successful sales staff in sales.

Helped more than 1000 investors successfully and effectively when choosing to buy real estate.

Dear customers, shareholders, partners, on behalf of the Board of Directors and all employees of HECO LAND Real Estate Joint Stock Company, we would like to send our best wishes for health and best regards.


HECO LAND has a mission to bring prosperity to customers, shareholders, employees, partners, and is the first choice in real estate brokerage and distribution services in Vietnam. By solving the pain of customers, the worries of the owner, the sadness of the investor and the difficulties of real estate sales.

Building a real estate distribution service system stretching across Vietnam’s provinces and cities, providing the best service, contributing to the brokerage industry, which is a highly specialized international industry.


IPO 2026 on Vietnam stock exchange to transparently profit and contribute full obligations to the state.

2030 is present in all provinces and cities across the country to bring the best service to customers and professional expertise for real estate sales.

HECO LAND has become the best trusted and first chosen real estate service brand in Vietnam.

Core values






History begin

HECO LAND Real Estate Joint Stock Company was established in March 2022 with the business ideology and philosophy of PRESTIGE, INTEGRITY, SPEED, EFFICIENCY, SHARED and SUSTAINABLE.

HECO LAND was born with the purpose of bringing the best service to the real estate brokerage industry, improving the professional quality for each individual sale in the brokerage profession to bring the best service to customers.

Helping customers, homeowners, investors, and project owners have a unit with highly specialized sales and good service for customers to trust and choose for a long time, without wasting time searching and meeting. transaction problems.

Along with the rapid and rapid development of the industry, but the quality of services in the brokerage industry in Vietnam still has many shortcomings, the quality of brokerage services is underestimated, there is a lack of trust in brokers, due to expertise and the information given is unprofessional and inaccurate.

From those reasons, HECO LAND was born with the aim of providing the best brokerage services, investment consulting, and real estate distribution.

With the purpose of being born with the trust of our customers, we fully believe in the development of the company and affirm the prestige and effective solutions in the field of real estate brokerage services in Vietnam.

HECO LAND sincerely thanks the cooperation of shareholders, the trust of customers and partners and the dedication of the staff in the success of the company, we hope to always receive the companionship. and support of shareholders, customers and staff on the way to the goals and mission ahead.


Commitment to customers buying and selling existing townhouses in provinces and cities across Vietnam

  1. No product pricing.
  2. Clear legal check.
  3. Consulting solutions – ideas – best vision.
  4. Quality information, bring profit, best investment opportunity.
  5. Professional, enthusiastic service.
  6. Fastest resale support when customers need it.
  7. The best customer care and after-sales.

Commitment to customers to buy projects from investors

  1. Choose reputable and responsible investors.
  2. Full information consulting, solutions for customers.
  3. Help customers, solve difficult problems when they arise.
  4. Fastest resale support when customers need it.
  5. The best customer care and after-sales.

Commitment in every employee

  1. High expertise in each employee.
  2. Loss of enthusiastic, dedicated advice.
  3. Responsibility in each transaction

Commitment to shareholders and investors

  1. Fairness and transparency in business cooperation.
  2. Pay taxes and fulfill obligations to the law and the state.

Choosing HECO LAND is the choice of prestige, integrity and sustainability.